Thursday, March 05, 2009

Stupidity and splendor

First I'll tell you the dumb thing I did.

I went to the $store to get some stuff for D's birthday party and saw some blue and silver pom poms. I thought to myself "That would be a fun thing to stick in the goodie bags! The boys can shake them around and cheer for the team... they're even a team colour." I bought them, I took them home, took them out of the bag. All is right with the world. Then I caught a glimpse of them the other day... a glimpse of purple. They aren't blue! They're purple! I yell at P "Do these look purple?" He says "Yeah. I was wondering why you were buying them." WHAT! Why didn't you say something? "I thought you knew what you were doing."


On a much nicer note I've made some lovely dishcloths. I'm terrible at knitting and crochet and completely envious of everyone who can make lovely yarn creations. One of my newest most favourite things are handmade dishcloths. I've gotten a couple in swaps and adore them. I figured that a square might be just the thing for me to attempt and apparently it is! They aren't fancy but I'm terribly proud of my little lovelies.

Here posing with my cottony dishcloth goodness is a small brooch I picked up at an antique shop last week. I asked how much and hoed and hummed and the lady halfed the price! I can never pass up a bargain so I swiped it up. I love the little stitchy thing.

Lastly, I got an email the other day from telling me that one of my shadow boxes was chosen for a little sort of competition they have for St. Patrick's Day. Sure enough, there's my King of Luck shadow box!

If you're interested in checking it out and casting a vote for your favourite item you can follow this link...

How cool is that?