Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've been a bit quiet lately. It seems that time is passing me by too quickly and I can't catch up on anything. Perhaps I burnt myself out just a wee bit over the past two months with a crazy amount of making and doing.

I haven't been sitting on my but though. Here is one of the projects I'm working on...

They aren't nearly done, and there will be 13 of them when I'm done (hopefully). I always like to see sneak peeks of other peoples work and then the 'big reveal' at the end. The process of making is just as interesting as the result.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Papa Legba Part II

Woo hoo! I've finished the Papa Legba shrine I've been working on. I've included a few things that aren't exactly Vodou related but I think that everything works pretty well together.

You can see on the shot of the inside a small tin. It's filled with tobacco, a traditional offering. When I went into the corner store and asked for pipe tobacco you might have thought that I had three heads the way the clerks were looking at me. "We have it, but no one ever buys it." the fella behind the counter said as he handed it over.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Papa Legba

I have a soft spot in my heart for Papa Legba, an old man with a bum foot who is a guardian of crossroads. I have my own altar for him in my house but I decided to make a second one. It's not quite done yet but here's a peek at it so far.


My own Book of Shadows, or Spell Book, is in a fairly sad state. I've got a lovely box with all of my a spells and notes tucked away inside. One of my goals over the next few years is to create a truly lovely Spell Book that would make any witch drool and any set designer green with envy.

In the meantime.... hubby made some lovely wooden books and I've decorated them with witchy goodness.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

So true...

”When you put together things that other people have thrown out, you’re really bringing them to life – a spiritual life that surpasses the life for which they were originally created."

Louise Nevelson

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Free and beautiful crafty finds

I mentioned that I went on a wee visit to one of my most favourite places last weekend. Here are some of the beautiful finds that have made their way into my craft stash.

Don't worry, all of those beautiful things were found on the ground... I didn't go debarking a tree or picking mushrooms.

Today was garbage day and when I saw these two old skateboards in a recycling bin I just had to ask if I could have them. I think I have an idea for them already!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Just a quick note today

So someone posted a story about this fella on facebook... it's sort of hard to explain his act so take a look... (it starts to get groovy around the 30 second mark)

How cool is that?!? Anywho, I guess that there is a bit of a stink because he amplifies his sound and he draws a rather large crowd, so despite the fact that he has a busking permit there's been a tad of a kerfuffle. You can check out the facebook page devoted to keeping him around here.

You can also check out his site Be sure to take a gander at the photos because there are some beauts!

Also pretty swell today... Paul found a four leaf clover, I found two AND I found a five leaf one!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Outlandish Swap Package

Have you read Outlander? If not, run to the nearest bookstore and buy the entire series. When you get home lock the door, snuggle up in bed and read every one of them back to back.

I put off reading Outlander but when I finally read it, well, I fell in love. I've since tried to get every living soul to read it but some people can't seem to get past the first 100 pages. Take my advice and stick with it... totally worth it!

I've now completed a craftster swap based on the books. Check out the awesome package that fellow craftster jennieingram sent my way. Every single this is absolutely lovely. For more detailed pics, and a run down of the entire package click here

Just look at that stitching! Swoonworthy.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Second Auction is Up

Just a quick word to let you know that I've put up a second auction filled with witchy goodness. You can find it here.

Here's a pic of all the goodies.

I visited one of my favourite spots in the world today and came away with some great natural crafting material. I will share later when I take some pics!

Also on the go some hand painted grimoirs. Can't wait to show them off... but I have to let them dry first ;)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy May Day!

Woo hoo! I love May Day and all the goodness that goes with it. Lovely May Queens, May Poles, Morris Dancers... it's all quite dream-like. It also happens to be a celebratory day of Bona Dea, a goddess close to my heart. So Happy May Day you and yours :)

I've finished painting my Gypsy board and she is now just waiting for a coat sealant. It's a terrible wait to see how they will turn out once the final varnish goes on.