Friday, November 28, 2014

Miniature Mail!

I'm so excited to share this project with you. I've been sitting on it for a month and the day has finally arrived that I can show it off!

 It's a tiny mail sorting table with loads of important packages and holiday mail!

All of the bits and bobs are available from AND I've even made a collage sheet filled with tiny mail related graphics so that you can create your very own!

Tooth fairies and sorting elves would find this especially handy!

I had so much fun putting the sorting centre together that I created an additional collage sheet of tiny envelopes, postcards and greeting cards! They are pretty addicting to make and oh, so easy :)

The complete supply list will be available HERE (Friday night peekers are getting a sneak preview!)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Things in thimbles and more

I've been busy making and creating for my holiday market this coming Saturday. I've even come up with a few new items. Like this itty bitty snowman in a thimble. 

There is ONE thimble snowman currently listed on etsy HERE which is very likely to be the last available online this year.

I also made some tiny thimble trees! These are sold out at the mo' but there should be a half dozen listed later today or tomorrow.

A few new 'specimens' were discovered at Pixie Hill. There is a stack of presents, snowman and tree. Each specimen has it's own individual number and every one has a unique story of it's discovery.

The fellow below reads:
No: 003.14: Found this on the compost heap. Almost buried it with potato peels! 

He's available HERE.

Finally, the Pixie Hill faeries were asked to help the North Pole Review Department prepare 'nice list' notifications. These elf sized envelopes measure 3 x 4"

There were some listed in my shop but so many people have been good this year that they have sold out pretty quickly. There will be a small number available at The Plum Pudding Market this coming Saturday.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Crowns! and a Christmas Market

I love crowns. There's something joyous about them. Put one on your noggin' and suddenly the world seems like a brighter place, and your confidence gets an immediate boost. Crowns are good that way. It's their job.

Paper crown by Nichola Battilana

For the base I've used lovely thick papers from Authentique's Faith collection. The pointy crown bit is die cut using A Gilded Life - Petite Monarch Crown Long Die. The flowers and leaves on the crowns are from Petaloo. You could use anything from their Botanica line and it would look divine :)

Paper crown by Nichola Battilana

The crowns are finished off with some inexpensive clear acrylic snowflakes and a good dose of glittery snow.

I can't wait to take these to the Plum Pudding Market next Saturday! The market is a small Christmas sale I'm organizing, featuring 20 outstanding makers and artisans. If you're near, you should absolutely check it out. It's going to be a lot of fun :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

A pretty petite print tray for Petaloo

I had a little wooden tray in my stash (which was actually packaging for some crafty embellishments) and I've been itching to decorate it for a while now.
Petite print tray with Petaloo and Authentique "Faith" - Nichola Battilana
Petite print tray with Petaloo and Authentique "Faith" - Nichola Battilana
I know it's still technically fall... but we're currently covered in the white stuff and this piece really does reflect the view outside my window. Loads of white with a dash of colour here and there struggling to peek through.
Petite print tray with Petaloo and Authentique "Faith" - Nichola Battilana
I painted the base white and then used various papers from Authentique's 'Faith' collection for the backgrounds. Then, I went to town tucking sentiments from the collection here and there. I was pleased to find some sweet words included that anyone, from any path, would find useful to include :) 
Petite print tray with Petaloo and Authentique "Faith" - Nichola Battilana
I finished by applying loads of sweet little Petaloo flowers and leaves, vintage buttons, fussy cut butterflies and handmade lady bugs. I love the variety of texture in those white blooms, which add a lot of visual interest dispite the limited pallet.
Petite print tray with Petaloo and Authentique "Faith" - Nichola Battilana
I think that this will be a good reminder in the depth of winter that beneath all that snow (and I'm sure there will be a ton of it) there is a whole world of colour waiting to return.
Authentique "Faith" collection including "details" and "petite diction"
Vintage buttons
Wooden tray

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jane Austen Goodies for Core'dinations and Graphic 45 Blog Hop Day 4

Graphic 45 and Core'dinations are having a blog hop this week! Be sure to check out the Graphic 45 blog and Core'dinations too, there are loads of great projects to be seen and you can enter for a chance to win over $100 in amazing products! 
On to my contribution...

I’ve been wanting to create a Jane Austen inspired something for a while. What started out as a quest to make a paper bonnet quickly grew to include a hat box, slippers and shoe box.

As a jumping off point I chose ‘Robin’s Egg’ from Core'dinations Signature Series Graphic 45 Lights and coordinated with several papers from Botanical Tea.

The boxes are simple square and round boxes I crafted to size (which is actually pretty darned small). They are embellished with May Arts ribbon and Tresors de Luxe lace.

 The slippers are a variation of a pattern by Glenda Waterworth

And just as with the bonnet, there is a little frilly box to match.

Crafting this entire set was so much fun. And how adorable would these be gifted with a set of Jane Austen novels?! I think I might need to hunt down an Austen fan ;)

Here's my supply list for this set of goodies:
Ribbon from May Arts

Be certain check out the other amazing projects on todays Graphic 45 blog by Andrew Roberts and Lori Williams and don't forget to enter that giveway!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A tiny winter wonderland!

I am very fortunate to know many thoughtful people who collect all sorts of 'other peoples junk' for me to make and create with. My cute as a button neighbour brought me a clock box the other week and I knew right away that I wanted to place a little winter wonderland inside.

I whitewashed the exterior and gave it some distressing. I've used January Flourish from Graphic 45's newest collection Time to Flourish (which is absolutely LUSH by the way... seriously) and Ladies Dancing from their 12 Days of Christmas line. I then applied another whitewashed layer.

Inside is filled with glittery snow and bottlebrush trees. The piece can be viewed from both sides so one side features a handmade cottage and the other a tiny snowman.

Outside I've placed some inexpensive acrylic snowflakes and some Sugared Berry Clusters from Petaloo.

And just for good measure, here's a better look at those tiny snowmen. This fellow is the little brother the one inside my wonderland :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Matchbox Whatnot

I'm not sure why a butterfly and typewriter ink go together, but I'm sure there's a wonderful story in there somewhere :)

This box is listed HERE

Friday, November 14, 2014

Easy Peasy Blinged Stockings for Tresors de Luxe

I told my friends at Tresors de Luxe that I almost feel guilty posting this project. It's such a simple, quick project... but the results are fab!

Initially, I was going to complicate things by sewing some stocking but I came across these unadorned, simple fabric stockings for 50 cents. FIFTY CENTS!!! It was fate.

For the white stocking I've layered this Ivory Lace Trim  and this Lace Fabric Trim then added some bling with some pearl and rhinestone trim. The stocking is finished off with a fabric flower.

To attach the lace and embellishments I sparingly applied good quality hot glue. So easy, but really, really effective!

For the gold stockings I applied a thin bead of hot glue to attach a length of Gold Venice Lace Trim and this Lace Trim Venice Lace. Some very pretty Botanica Blooms from Petaloo have been added to give a spark of colour.

Supply List:

Ivory Fabric Flowers EM 010Pearl and Rhinestone trimIvory Lace Trim GL194Lace Fabric Trim GL002Gold Venice Lace Trim LA144Lace Trim Venice LaceLA187Petaloo Botanica Blooms

A Grateful House for Petaloo

I created this piece for the Petaloo/Authentique blog hop. There's an amazing prize pack being given away on the Petaloo blog! Just skip over there and leave a comment and you just might he the lucky winner.
It's been a bit of a bummer week. One of those weeks where it seems everyone is complaining, the trolls are out in full force, and everyone is just a tad grumpy. Of course it was crafting that cheered me up.

I've taken a wee wooden birdhouse, yanked off the peg/stoop, and embellished the heck out of it. It's cute. It's sweet. It's a reminder to be grateful. A reminder that sometimes locking yourself away and pulling out the glue and paper and flowers, focusing on beauty and getting your craft on is exactly the right thing to clear your head and cheer you up.

Authentique's 'Grateful' collection is pretty darned cute. As Canadain Thanksgiving has passed, I was glad that there were some generic words of thanks and sentiments on their sticker sheet.

And those sweet little Petaloo blooms coordinate so well and pull it all together... that sweet reminder to be grateful.

Petaloo Darjeeling Mix 1461-003
Darjeeling Hydrangeas 1460-001
Darjeeling Leaves Small 1464-001
Darjeeling Mini Mix 1462-003

Authentique 6x6 bundle: Grateful
Authentique Grateful Sticker Details
Authentique Kindred
Authentique Roots
Authentique Bountiful
Wooden bird house
Black Acrylic Paint

Thursday, November 13, 2014

An altered matchbox - The Roses

Between waiting for glue to dry and searching for misplaced supplies I've been making altered matchboxes. 

There is something quite lovely about projects you can hold in your hand. The bling on this box adds a nice weight to the small thing.

I was searching through my stash of words for something like "still" or "bliss" but this little quote tugged at my heartstrings.

No matter what happens, you can face your challenges and overcome... for the roses will grow again.

This piece is listed HERE in the etsy shop

Supply List:
Standard small matchbox
Crown charm
Tresors de Luxe rhinestone and pearl accent
Self adhesive pearl accents
Iridescent Plastic Pearls (Strands)*
Vintage children's book (words)
Graphic 45 Botanical Tea
> Fields of flowers 


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Holiday Spirit

Many artists and crafters live on a different schedule. I've been working on Christmas projects off and on since July... JULY! I have posted one or two holiday projects but now that Remembrance day has passed I feel no guilt whatsoever in posting at will!

Freshly finished with the glue still drying are these little holiday cottages in small galvanized metal buckets.

Cannot get enough of those bottle brush trees. They are so adorable.

I've used both handmade cottages and toadstools...

And store bought ones. The little cottages above are from a wooden railway set. Don't worry, I didn't swipe it from the kid ;)

P.S. I'll be cleaning up my etsy shop and adding new listings over the next day or so. Cheerio lovelies!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Couture Card for Fabulous Aunties

I’ve called this project “Couture Card for Fabulous Aunties” but really, it would be suitable for any fabulous person, and especially fitting if given for no reason at all.
 This particular card was given for a very good reason to my very own ‘fabulous auntie’ (actually, I have 7 of them!). 
We affectionately call this particular auntie “Martha” because she thinks of everything. She sends cards for absolutely every occasion. ‘Sorry you lost your wallet’, ‘Congratulations on your first successful pie!’, ‘Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day’. 
This year she celebrated her 60th birthday and marked the occasion by throwing herself a birthday party… that’s how she rolls. 
I’ve created this card just for her with the ever-beautiful ‘Couture’ collection, added some lush Petaloo blooms and blinged it up with a smidge of rhinestone chain. Oh la la!"

Supply List