Monday, June 23, 2014

Graduation Altered Block for Petaloo

We often think of young adults heading out to face the world upon hearing the word 'graduation', but the young aren't the only ones embarking on new adventures. My mum recently graduated from a program, and is on her way to fullfilling a lifelong dream of working with horses and helping people through Equine-Assisted Therapy. I made this little altered altered block with pretty Petaloo embellishments to mark her success.


The quote "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." is from Eleanor Roosevelt and it's a great reminder for anyone who has ever questioned the validity of their ambitions.


I think those burlap flowers are absolutely charming and reflect the sweet sentimentality of the quote. They help to create a piece that is elegant, yet soft and endearing.


A some wood, paper and pretty Petaloo trims and flowers and easy as pie you create a  heartfelt reminder to pass along to someone you're proud of :)

Textured Elemnets Burlap Blossoms > Ivory 1201-200Fancy Trims > Whites 1910-000Embellishment Brads > Shades of Green 1920-009
Botanica Berry Cluster (leaves) 1105
White acrylic paint
ATB Wood Block
Candlestick Holder
Jolie Gold Floral Scrapbook Paper

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Faeries Return

A few years ago, to celebrate the summer solstice, I created a few fairy houses in my garden. I've done the same every year since and each year the little peoples presence grows and changes. This year we open our doors to visitors on July 5th, but there is plenty of activity already...

The next couple of weeks will be a flurry of activity as we get ready and clean up this messy place to prepare for visitors. July 5th is the big open house day, but after that date appointments for peeking are welcome. 

Hoping your solstice was filled with magic and your ready for a summer of wonderment :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

A happy announcement - Tresors de Luxe

Yep, I am thrilled to announce that I was invited to join the Tresors de Luxe design team. Just look at this talented bunch of folks I get to make messes with for the next three months!

If you aren't familiar with Tresors de Luxe, they are sellers of some fairly gorgeous lace and trims. Just take a gander at these beauties from my dt package.

Tresors de Luxe's lovely etsy shop can be found HERE. Their blog is HERE. You can also follow the Tresors de Luxe facebook page.

I've already started making some pretty projects with their products and can't wait to show them off. I think you'll be smitten :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Venetian Theatre

Yesterday it was an imaginary trip to France, today it's Italy and the water ways of Venice.


My dear husband is Italian (in case the last name didn't tip you off), his family from a town near Venice. While I know full well that every modern convenience is available to the Venetian people, I prefer to think of it as a place stuck in time. If I ever get a chance to visit, my delusional mind will fully expect costumed figures with hats, capes and masks darting through dark alleys, leaping onto gondolas, then nipping into secret eateries for fancy nibbles and plenty of drink!

Perhaps it's best I made myself a little slice of magical Venice to dream upon, using Alpha Stamps  June Paper Theatre Kit and few extra bits and bobs.

Just look at that gold dresden! If I was a wealthy woman I would spend all of my pennies on fancy dresden and candy.

Want to create your own slice of Venice? Here's the supply list:

June Paper Theatre Kit
Ships and Waves Backdrops Collage Sheet 
Pierrette Collage Sheet 
The Canals Collage Sheet 
Gold Fleur de Lys Dresden Borders
Thin Fleur Dresden Borders - Turquoise
Star Mix Cut-Outs
Small Wooden Finials

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A little French something or other

I created this little wheeled shadowbox for Alpha Stamps with their Springtime in Paris Kit. It's packed with snippets of lace, fussy cut blooms and butterflies.

I've never been to Paris. I'm not entirely certain how well I would do in that tourist mecca. Perhaps I'd be better off roaming the less traveled roads.

If I ever DO make it to France I pinky swear that I will I will turn into a crafty Pepe le Pew and say "Oh la la!" and "Sacrebleu!" at every opportunity (in full realization no one actually says those things).

But, if I happened to run into the very handsome Frenchman Jean Reno on my French adventure, I would (mostly) be on my very best behaviour and wink and say, "Où sont les toilettes?" because I really don't know how to speak French at all but am fully capable of embarrassing myself even with a limited vocabulary. :P

All Alpha Stamps supplies used in this project found HERE
Small Paper Theatre Boxes
Small Masonite Wheel Set
Springtime in Paris Kit
Fern Garland
Mini Red Pip Berry Garland
Pink Rose Garland*
Mixed Size Butterflies Dresden Scraps

Monday, June 16, 2014

Me, me, me and some whacky tags too!

The introductions continue on the Graphic 45 blog and today it's little ole' me!

Some of my very favourite pieces are featured over there, as well as this new project:


I admit this is project is a little bit whacky… but it’s whacky in a good way (like a kooky auntie). It’s cheerful and fun and although it’s been raining for 2 days, this project made my grey afternoon a little brighter. ATC’s are one of my favourite types of project. They are fast, fun, and a great way to use snippets, tiny bits and scraps. I’ve used the Artist Trading Tags-Ivory as my base and went nuts on my Graphic 45 stash using snips from Place in Time, Secret Garden, A Ladies' Diary, and Botanical Tea. It’s ok to mix and match! Go ahead… give it a try :)







Supply list:

Artist Trading Tags-Ivory
Place in Time > foundation paper
Secret Garden > May Flowers, Posy Patch

A Ladies' Diary > Garden Stroll, Lasting Impression, La Gazette
Botanical Tea > Botanical Tea, Flora, Fauna, Spring Duet, Herbal Infusion, Sweet Chamomile

Various fibers, yarns and ribbons
White Foam Stamen

White Pearl Stamen
Petaloo Flowers and Trims
Be sure to continue to check out the blog as Graphic 45 introduces then entire (and utterly fab!) 2014 design team.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

To soothe a broken heart

Last week Rik Mayall passed away.

I loved Rik Mayall. He made me laugh... a lot... even when life wasn't very funny.

If you aren't familiar with his work look him up and check out his stuff. It's funny, silly, surreal, nonsensical, over the top...

The news of Rik's passing has hit me particularly hard. Really hard. Tears hard. I rarely cry over death, not even of those I know in real life. I'm saddened, sure. Melancholy, yep. But tears are a rarity. Over a celebrity? Never! For some reason this death, HIS death, feels like an immense loss. A real loss that leaves a hollow spot in my heart where he should be comfortably situated forever and ever. Perhaps it's because the world is a little less silly. I really don't know why I've been so affected, but I'm heartbroken knowing he's no longer here.

A long while ago I made a doll that was going to be a wrestler but wasn't really working out. Then he was going to be a swashbuckler, but that didn't happen. Instead he's been sitting in my studio for two years, staring at me, waiting. After Rik's passing I knew what he was. He was Flashheart.

So I've spent the past couple of day dressing this fellow in all of his finery to soothe my broken heart and to have something to cuddle with when I watch Young Ones, Bottom or Blackadder. I'm hoping he'll whisper naughty, silly things that will make me feel just a little bit better.

"Cancel the state funeral, tell the king to stop blubbing, Flash is not dead! I simply ran out of juice! And before five hundred girls all go 'oh, what's the point in living any more?' I'm talking about petrol! Woof!"

RIP Rik.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fathers Day Layout for Petaloo

Psst! Be sure to go over to the Petaloo blog for your chance to win a fab prize pack and take a gander at the other goodies during the blog hop with Quick Quotes!

On to my handsome fellas.

These are my two "cute as a button" son and my hubby.


The sentiment on that Calypso Chipboard Die Cut is a very accurate motto for our family. "Be silly. Be honest. Be kind." As long as those rules are strictly adhered to, I will pretend that the winks and smiles work.


I'm really happy with this 8" layout using Calypso papers, and Petaloo's Textured Ivory Elements. It's vibrant and full of fun and a bit rough around the edges... just like us :) And it's not too feminine to send to the Sr. troublemaker (Grampa, aka Nono) for Father's Day.

Petaloo's Textured Ivory Elements Calypso Papers
Calypso Chipboard Die Cut
Calypso Die Cut Stickers
Jute twine

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tea and coffee

This year's fairy tour kick off/studio open house will be held on July 5th, 2014 here at Pixie Hill. Guests will be invited to snoop the grounds, peek at some of my arty farty things and maybe even play a game of croquet. Later in the afternoon tea will be served.

Once again fairy letters will be available for pickup at the little mail box on the old maple tree. Fairy mail is free when you visit Pixie Hill (with advance notice) but I am kindly requesting a $5 donation for any mail picked up at this event. All money collected for fairy postage on this date will go to our favourite 10 year old to help by needed diabetes equipment.

For more information and other events I'll be taking part in, please visit THIS PAGE.

And lastly, a miracle this morning.. my floor got washed.

I also left my coffee mug on the other side of the room, across a vast expanse of dripping wet floor.

And such has been the start of my week. Fingers crossed that things start to look up for all of us and no more coffee gets taken hostage.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Owl Post

I think this just might be the greatest 5 minute craft in the history of the world.

I saw this plastic owl at the $store today and immediately knew what to do.

A very quick coat of white paint (and some brown for the base), a printout of the iconic Harry Potter letter and voila! My very own mail owl in about 5 minutes. I know he's not EXACTLY like Hedwig but for $2 and 5 minutes I think he's practically perfect.

Mudder's Day

That's me and my mum :) I've made her this sweet little altered canvas as a gift for Mother's Day. I know it's late... she's three hours away... don't judge!

NBattilana_petaloo_mothersday copy

It's covered in gorgeous Botanica blooms and is trimmed with Petaloo's Fancy Trim in Ivory.


I've added a couple of dresden scrap butterflies, an ornate keyhole from Graphic 45 and some scraps of sheer fabric too. The soft white Botanica blooms, understated soft yellow mini blooms and purple blossoms go so beautifully together.

Some jute string around the edges, and a bit of a bow to finish it off.

I think she'll like it :)

Hop over to the Petaloo blog for additional pics and more projects with their gorgeous products.

Petaloo Hydrangeas > Cream
Petaloo Fancy Trims > BeigePetaloo Botanica Blooms > Ivory, Blue/Purple/Green
Petaloo Botanica Mini Blooms > Soft Yellow > Lavender/PurplePetaloo Botanica Floral Ephemera > Lav/Purple
Petaloo Botanica Spring Berry clusters > Lav/Purple

Small canvas
Jute twine
Sheer fabric
Shabby Chic Ornate Metal Key Holes
Mixed Size Butterflies Dresden Scraps
Foliage Bees Epoxy Stickers