Thursday, March 26, 2009

Anatomical Lighthouses

This isn't witchy or crafty but it's kinda funny so I'm posting it :)

We went to visit my family in Ottawa last week for March break. My uncle was on a business trip when we arrived but came home on the second night we were there. My uncle calls to my son "Hey, look, I've brought you a souvenir." and hands my kiddo a box of gummy lighthouse candies.

I open the box to dole out some sweet goodness and discover that the candies don't exactly look like lighthouses. They are kind of a lighthousey shape, but they are soft and bending over to the side slightly. There also isn't a lot of detail to distract from the fact that they are shaped, very similarly, to a certain body part.

I can't begin to tell you how awkward I felt handing these out to the wee kiddies. The grown ladies had a pretty good giggle about them though.

Friday, March 13, 2009

hunk-o-plastic to colourful shrine in just 2 years

I bought this gaudy mess a couple of years ago. I had big plans. I was going to make it gorgeous. I cleaned it up. Then it sat on a shelf for two years waiting to made into something.

A few weeks ago a challenge was put forward to make a shrine on the Misc. Topics board on Aha! The perfect push to transform that plastic hunk. And so after a few late nights I'd like to show off my Stash Bustin' Family Shrine.

I really love it. It's got old and new bits. Photos from the 'death/funeral' cards of long dead relatives. Little bits of goodness and colour :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One down... four luchadors to go.

I've finally finished (kind of) D's wrestling painting! Woo hoo Rey Mysterio! It's 12" square. I've also got 4 smaller luchadors on the go but they still need a little lovin'

I missed the birthday deadline but that's alright because I'm going to put together a 'swap' package for him. He's terribly jealous of the packages that arrive for his dad and I so I'll make a box of wrestling goodness for him. If I can finish it next week it'll be a great diversion for the long car ride up to Ottawa.

In other news, D had a great birthday. How 6 little children can make so much noise I'll never know. It was a long day and the kids were troopers. The clocks moved ahead, birthday party madness and then a hockey game... that's a lot to ask of a group of 5/6 year olds.

Oh, and BTW those pom poms WERE blue! It was just the crappy lighting in my house that made them look purple. Woo hoo!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Stupidity and splendor

First I'll tell you the dumb thing I did.

I went to the $store to get some stuff for D's birthday party and saw some blue and silver pom poms. I thought to myself "That would be a fun thing to stick in the goodie bags! The boys can shake them around and cheer for the team... they're even a team colour." I bought them, I took them home, took them out of the bag. All is right with the world. Then I caught a glimpse of them the other day... a glimpse of purple. They aren't blue! They're purple! I yell at P "Do these look purple?" He says "Yeah. I was wondering why you were buying them." WHAT! Why didn't you say something? "I thought you knew what you were doing."


On a much nicer note I've made some lovely dishcloths. I'm terrible at knitting and crochet and completely envious of everyone who can make lovely yarn creations. One of my newest most favourite things are handmade dishcloths. I've gotten a couple in swaps and adore them. I figured that a square might be just the thing for me to attempt and apparently it is! They aren't fancy but I'm terribly proud of my little lovelies.

Here posing with my cottony dishcloth goodness is a small brooch I picked up at an antique shop last week. I asked how much and hoed and hummed and the lady halfed the price! I can never pass up a bargain so I swiped it up. I love the little stitchy thing.

Lastly, I got an email the other day from telling me that one of my shadow boxes was chosen for a little sort of competition they have for St. Patrick's Day. Sure enough, there's my King of Luck shadow box!

If you're interested in checking it out and casting a vote for your favourite item you can follow this link...

How cool is that?

Monday, March 02, 2009

You can be better than you are...

I bought this clock a few months ago. It was dated, tired and only $2.99 from a local thrift store. I knew that it would make something wonderful but I was still tossing ideas around in my wee head.

One day I logged into craftster and saw that the crafty challenge for March was to craft a favourite song. Eureka! I knew exactly what I was going to do to my poor old clock.

And so, I've taken that poor old clock and turned it into an ode to one of my favourite songs, Swingin' on a Star.

"You can be better than you are,
You could be swingin' on a star"

I'll do my best to take some 'glamour shots' in the sunlight tomorrow and hopefully post it before the deadline :)