Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A door

We spent the whole evening driving around for supplies for a little idea that was bumping around in my brain. What I thought would be a very simple, quick, super cute project has now been abandoned. Who knew  it would be so hard to find 18" lattice! Ah well, thank the heavens for the sudden appearance of this little door.

The door was noticed this very evening at the base of one of my favourite trees on the hill. It's a very old Black Locust tree with wonderfully gnarled bark. Sometimes I have to do a double take when passing it as I'm sure there's a wise old face or two staring back at me!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Strange things are afoot!

This week will be mostly devoted to'uncovering' all the fairy haunts on our hill. I managed to get some work done yesterday and found a hobbit door which was sneakily hidden under a patch of long grass.

Tonight after dinner I was delighted to find several little pixie houses had sprouted on the old stump under an old gooseberry bush.

Uncovering all these unbelievable finds is quite contagious. After a little bit of photoshopping I've turned a snapshot taken by my son into this...

... and am bound and determined to convince him that it wasn't a regular old rabbit he captured a photo of, but was a jackalope!

I bet he wavers for about 3 seconds then rolls his eyes at me.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Fairy Fort

Today I went to the local library and showed off one of my latest pieces to a bunch-o-kidlets.
It's made from paper mache boxes available from Alpha Stamps. Aren't the little windows fabulous?! They're made of resin and available here. Definitely one of my new favourite products.
It's after 1 and I'm just this very moment having my first cup of tea. Honestly, I'm not sure how I've functioned up until this point so I'll leave you till tomorrow when I'll be posting another project I've been keeping under my hat! 


Friday, July 27, 2012

You're Invited & More Merry Moons

There she is. Your official invite to poke around Pixie Hill on August 4th. Hope you'll come and have a scoop of ice cream ;)

These past couple of days have been spent, mostly, preparing files for printing cards and things... rather boring computer stuff really. Although, I have been making fairy spying wands and a few new little shrines too.

Just look at that cheeky moony face :)

Today it's bits and bobs, tomorrow I'm teaching kidlets at the library, next week it'll be full on 'fairy tour' work. Fingers crossed that it all comes together in the nick of time!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chugging along

A few pics, proof I've been working hard and not at all sitting on my bottom eating bonbons all day (as much as I'd like to.)

Some fairy houses almost ready for installation on the 'fairy tour'.

The wee folk have been into my sewing stash again!

New towns are popping up everywhere.

And I've finally lost my mind and given a town in a teacup it's own little cottage in an acorn cap ;)

Here's a few pretty pics from the garden. They fib a little because there's just a patch of flowers here and there at the moment, but one day I will have a whole meadow of pretty things.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Freshly plucked...

Another quickie today...

Just finished up a fresh batch of mandrake roots.

They are quite a bit larger than any of the previous roots I've done... but they're just as grumpy ;)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fortune Tellers, Gypsies and Exploding Children

Another quick post before my kid explodes from boredom. I don't know if that can actually happen but he seems pretty sure it will if I don't entertain him pretty soon

This month's theme over at Alpha Stamps is Gypsies! Hurrah! Yippie skippy! Wait until you see all the gorgeous stuff my fellow design team members made. And why not hop over and check out the details for the truly fantastic Gypsy Fortune Teller Swap they're hosting. Seriously. You won't forgive yourself if you don't.

Here's one of the projects I completed with the lush gypsy images from Alpha Stamps...

My favourite bit are the rusty crusty nails.

Anywho... gotta run before the kidlet loses his mind. Apparently we're spending the afternoon recreating the Highland games in the back garden! Please keep your fingers crossed it's an injury free event ;)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Brighton Streetfest, here I come!

Tomorrow I'll be dragging some of my stuff to Streetfest in my perfect little town of Brighton, Ontario. If you happen to live near by, stop, have a gander, and pop by the tent to say "hiya!". Remember to grab an invitation to the VERY BIG Magical Summer Studio Open House on August 4th while your there.

There's a few goodies here that aren't listed in the esty shop just yet. Rusty iron nails for luck and protection from fairy enchantment, bundles of old paper, and some tiny altered journal kits. Keep your eye out and they'll be listed over the coming weeks.

I've got to go and get some tags made for the fairy catching butterfly nets. Have a grand weekend!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My wild prince and the fabric crowns

I adore my kidlet. I love him with all of my self. Every single inch of him. He's funny, handsome, terribly sensitive, sweet and sophisticated (as sophisticated as you can be at 9). Here's my wild prince with a glint of trouble in his eyes... cheeky bugger.

My kidlet is wearing a fabric crown, one of a bunch I've stitched up to take to the Brighton Streetfest this Saturday.

They're all a bit different. With vintage buttons and scraps of lace attached....

It did occur to me that perhaps I shouldn't include buttons or baubles. That they may fall off and pose a chocking hazard for some button eating child!

But then I realized that kids clothes have buttons.

Hmmmm, maybe I'll put a warning on them anyway... just to be safe.

P.S. I mentioned working with the saints this other day, in particular St. Expedite. I'd like to add here that I am not Catholic (although I did go to Catholic school and all that jazz when I was a kid) but that saints don't mind one bit that you don't go to a particular church (or one at all). Perhaps those holy beings agree that having faith doesn't mean that you have to subscribe to a certain religion. Interesting thought, no? Anywho, if you're thinking of doing some saintly work do a quick search and you'll find loads and loads of information. My favourite witchy author Judika Illes also has a book out called Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints & Sages you might want to check out :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WIP it good.

Terrible title, I know, but I think I'm getting an ear infection and that's the best I could do.

I'm still plugging away on the Fairy Tour which is the biggest work-in-progress of all. Here's a few photos of how things are shaping up...

Still more work to be done on the tree but I'm happy with the pace. Those roofs are absolutely 100% fancy you know. They're made using plastic pop bottle tops as a base!

This is my favourite twiggy house. Padfood loves it too because he keeps picking it up, dragging it across the lawn and gnawing on the roof!

Lastly, something new and totally unexpected that just sort of sprung up this afternoon. The photo is awful but it's a kind of hut made of twigs, old leaves and pine needles. It's actually quite big. Large enough that the kid and his friend immediately claimed it as their own. I think this will end up as a gnome camp but that could change. The very nicest thing about it is that it inspired those two wonderfully terrible children to make their own. Huzzah for out making messes and playing with dirt! That's just what boys should be doing.

Monday, July 09, 2012

A tribute to St. Expedite

I have a great fondness for the Saints and one of my new found favourites it St. Expedite. There's not a heck of a lot known about this fella but what we do know is that he works fast in times of need.

As you would make payment for other jobs that have been completed, St. Expedite must also be given his due. Usually an offering of a slice of pound cake, flowers and public thanks is given. I told St. Expedite that I would repay him by creating something in his honour. And so, I have made some St. Expedite ACEO's to give him thanks and spread his name.
I have three St. Expedite cards to give away. The background is vintage hymnal paper and will vary from the image above. Send an email with your address to info(at)pixiehill.com and I'll randomly select three people to send to.

If you don't find a St. Expedite in your mailbox, you are welcome to use the above image to print your own.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

It's really flipping hot and other news

It's hot. I'm sticking to everything. 'Nuf said.

It may be a little quiet around here over the next while as I get ready for Brighton's Streetfest on July 14th and our VERY BIG (you can tell it's important because of the capital shouty letters) Open House on August 4th.

I've started revealing the fairy spots in the garden but there's a load of work left to do. I'm not sure just how much will get done in the heat but we'll see. Here's one of my very old trees in the first stages of 'fairyfication' (... that's my word now,  you can use it but you've got to give me credit.)

Also in Pixie news, "The Other Slipper" was bottled and has been abandoned.

I was sort of afraid of being spotted making the drop so I had two helpers do the deed for me. You can see the jar beside that white bucket on the left. No word from a finder yet but I'm not holding my breath that I'll get a reply at all ... though I'd love one... really... it would totally make my day.

And finally, a heads up to check out Alpha Stamps and their yahoo group. I'd bet my bottom dollar that you'll be interested in some of the upcoming themes and swaps they'll be hosting. Here's some super cute examples from their recent "Beach Postcard" swap.

by Karen Cejka
 by Mollie Huddleston

by Carmen Willis

Now, I'm off to stuff some ice down my shirt in a sad attempt to cool down. Keep cool kiddies!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Mini Post!

I'm working on the "fairy tour" for the VERY BIG Studio Open House on August 2nd so this is just a very tiny, very quick post.

I'm offering two free workshops for August and September. They'll be a sort of crafting pot-luck... you brings some scraps and trims and we'll make something great together. For August we'll be making matchbox shrines, and in September.... well I don't know yet, but it'll be great!

Space will be limited so please email to reserve a spot.

More information here.