Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Adorable embellished shoes and more bloggity goodness

Two things today. I've started a new blog. I'll be keeping this one (and posting more, I promise) but I wanted somewhere to post more *ahem* mature projects. I know that some of my online buddies are little-uns, and some aren't as fond of bawdiness as I am, so I wanted somewhere separate to post those sorts of things. There will be overlap between the two blogs (like these shoes for example) but I'll keep it fairly PG here. 

BUT if you're a gal with moxy and a glue gun, and you're up for some frisky crafting with sass head over to La Bona Dea ~ The Good Goddess

Now on to the shoes!

We went shopping a few weeks ago and saw sooo many beautiful shoes. I fell in love with a ton of Betsey Johnson's that were utterly adorable but my wallet scoffed at me. I thought 'balls to that! I'll make my own."

I picked up this pair of scuffed heels for a few bucks and polished them up.

Already an improvement but I wanted to turn them into something girly and impractical.

I can't jump in puddles with these... but how stinking cute are they?!?!

I used THESE anenome flowers from Petaloo in light pink. The leaves I pulled off of some dollar store silk flowers and then just added a tiny pink bow. I stuck everything on with just a bit of hot glue.

They might not be Betsey Johnson's but I LOVE them and think they are totally adorable. They hardly took any time or money at all so if/when they do fall to bits I'm not worried and I can change them up again.

Next time, more glitter.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Magical Masquerade ATC's

This months kit at Alphastamps.com is themed "Beauty and the Beast" but I've run with the Midnight Masquerade papers and made a handful of pretty magical masquerade ATC's instead.

The colours are juicy and gem like and look lush with copper highlights. I applied some thick acrylic medium with the Quatrefoil Texture Sheet and Diamonds Texture Sheet to create some three dimentional texture.

NOTE: If you want to use your texture sheet over and over again, try a couple of coats of marine varnish to protect it and make the card super durable.

This card has adorable Small Mulberry Blossoms and pretty Lavender Purple Gardenias.

Those little Clear Iridescent Star Sequins on all of the cards are really quite nice and rather dreamy. I thought they seemed quite a bit thicker than most sequins I've worked with before.

And how gorgeous are those Gardenias in Mixed Cream Yellow Orange?

I think they turned out quite nicely. All dreamlike and rich.

See a card you like and want to swap? Shoot me a note and we can make a trade!

Want to make your own? Here's a list of all the bit's I used for these ones.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Victorian Frame and Easel

I kind of feel like I'm on the verge of a mid-life crisis. I have this strong desire to wear leopard print, snap gum and listen to old time country music about standin' by yer man. 

I'm sort of looking at 'Flo' from Alice as my new life role model. She's a sassy fire cracker who's catch phrase is "Kiss my grits!" I feel like saying that an awful lot lately so I figured I'd make a sign I can just point too when annoyed. 

The 'kissy grits' part is a very quick embroidery I just whipped up on some cotton fabric. I've placed the embroidery in a Victorian Frame and Easel and gussied that sucker up with flowers and paper butterflies. 

I mean, just because I'm annoyed, doesn't mean I don't want things to be pretty!

This would actually be a great sized frame for an ATC, which would sit nicely with a border between the card and the edge of the frame. Or you could just go old school and put a picture in there.

I'm certain you could figure this one out yourself, but just in case, there's a video walkthrough HERE (link shortly.)

And the teeny tiny supply list!
• Victorian Frame and Easel
• Acrylic paint
• White glue if you want a crackle finish
• Faux flowers and leaves
• Paper butterflies
• Hot glue