Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ouija Street

Finally I can show something off! Weee!

A while ago I bought a Ouija board for about $1. Sweet deal! I knew it would make something cool... but what? Long story short, I was on round three of the Chunky House Swap on and inspiration struck! I'll make a whole Ouija village! And so 13 lovely little cottages were born from one abandoned Ouija board.

Ouija boards are funny things. Some people are totally freaked out by them, others think they are total bunk and in between there are all manner of opinions.

When making the houses I wondered if chopping it up sucked all the mystique and power from it. Does breaking it up destroy it? Perhaps what I was really doing was making comfortable homes for spirits to visit. Or maybe they are just bits of cardboard, shaped into houses, and decorated with whimsy.

Whatever the case I really sort of love them and hope they all end up with nice families :)

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