Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Healthy eating = Bad parenting

This is my awesome kidlet. Seriously, he's the best kiddo in the whole wide world. I do my best to do right by him and to give him a good life. Going into work and leaving him with sitters was pretty damned hard. Being given the opportunity to work from home and be here when he gets home from school is a dream come true.

Being home also means good cooking. We're cutting out the junk (most of it anyway) and eating lovely home cooked meals. I'm all about keeping my fellas well fed and healthy.

Today, I decided to run into town, take care of a few errands and buy some veggies and salad for dinner. Gotta eat your vegetables after all. When I got home there was a message on the phone saying that D had been stung... twice! Dear lord! Thank the heavens that the Mr. picked him up.

I called them up right away and the kiddo was fine and dandy (though a bit grumpy) with his daddy at work. Phew. Then I find out that my dear husband had to buy the wee fella lunch because the pear and jam wrap I made for him turned to mush and tasted like poop. *Mental note: do not attempt the inventive food combinations from a 6 year old mind*

So today I'm feeling like a fairly crappy mom and I'm blaming it all on healthy eating. I'm never leaving the house during school hours again. If I didn't go out to buy that damned salad I'm sure that none of this would have happened.