Friday, May 28, 2010

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs

Yesterday I killed a load of bugs. I'm not normally the type to squish the wee buggers but these were huge mutant types. One of my many victims was a bumblebee that was least 2.5" long, buzzing about my kitchen. There must be something in the air to make everything so darned big here. There were far fewer indoor bugs today... perhaps they can smell death.

Outside is another story.

I'm sure that there is a gang of mosquitoes waiting outside my door. They've had a taste of my red stuff and want more! They are telling their friends and writing blogs about it. The walk to the school bus this morning left me with numerous bites, a swollen finger, and unimaginably itchy spots behind my knees. It's a good thing we're line drying clothes this summer because it looks like we'll need the extra money for bug spray.