Monday, May 17, 2010

Now for the unpacking...

Just look at that mess!

We're slowly getting settled in our new digs. We've still got a few more loads of stuff to bring over (damned stuff) but slowly all of our junk will find a place in the new house. Our fantastic "Home Sweet Home" sign is hanging proudly and I think that this place will be pretty sweet in no time at all.

We woke up one morning to see 3 deer crossing the lot next door. We've seen a chunky raccoon running about. There are wee mole hills scattered all over our side garden. I'm sure that we'll be shaking our fists at all these guys when they get into our veggie patch but for now it's nice to see them out and about.

We took a short break from the unpacking to visit several garage sales this past weekend. We're looking for some bed rails and a coffee table but no such luck so far. I did find these two great vintage books.

Books are probably the very last things I need but who could pass up directions for making meat pinwheels?