Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apparently Blueberries Need Fairy Godmothers

This morning while mowing the lawn I saw the most perfect mushroom (which I mowed around much to my husband's dismay), a teeny weeny frog prince escaping the blades of my mighty mower, a beautiful golden feather and several loverly, fluttery butterflies. Then I heard a *clunk* and the mowing ceased.

The rest of the day was 'one of those days' until after dinner when I went to do some making. It seemed as though the planets aligned, the gods smiled and everything just fit into place for a short while. It's nice when that happens.

I'm so proud of this gal. I really and truly love her. I spent ages on her but she was worth it. I'm so pleased with the finishing touches that happened tonight.

She is a fairy godmother to blueberries. I don't know exactly why blueberries need fairy godmothers but there are loads of things I don't understand so I'll just go with it. Anyway, she comes out at night and shoos away critters that eat more than their fair share from the bushes... as critters often do. I understand that she also likes to chat with fireflies. Who doesn't?