Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Beans & Burns

It really does amaze me that you stick a seed in the ground and in no time at all you've got dinner!

I think that I've mentioned before that we aren't so much into ritual, preferring to quietly celebrate our mish mash of pagan ways, so these wee pickings right around Lammas were a perfect reminder of the arrival of the harvests. Can you believe that these were planted less than 3 months ago?

We made a trip over to Presquile Provincial Park for a hike along their new wetland boardwalk. I was disappointed that I didn't see any frogs but there were some fantastic dragon flies with striped wings that dashed about everywhere. The trail also leads through some woods which are of the frightening storybook variety and filled with inspiring things like this fallen tree which I am certain is actually a portal into another realm :)

Another day trip over to Sandbanks Provincial park rounded out the weekend. We picnicked on the beach an swam in the lake and had a pretty nice day. On the way home however I realized I had enjoyed the sun a bit too much and have turned a lovely shade of magenta. I think it will have to be an inside day today.