Sunday, November 14, 2010

Captain Johan Julegilde ... A bossy Christmas elf if there ever was one

I was attempting to make a fairy godmother doll but this fella would not let up. He demanded to be made.

"You must make me. I will not wait! And for goodness sake make me better than the last fellow."

And so I raided my stash for more buttons, more trim, more wool and more fabric... and even then he demanded more.

"No, no, no. This simply won't do! The last elf had two bells, I will need much more than that." It took eight bells to satisfy him.

"My dear woman, you must also make me an eye patch so that when someone asks about it I can regale them with stories of working on Santa's front lines. My deeds are quite legendary you know."

My husband and son protested. They begged me not to give in to the pushy elf. *sigh* But what is a maker to do? The Captain has been given his patch... which can be removed should he cause any trouble.

Bossy little bugger.