Friday, August 19, 2011

A faerie gardener hutch

I've seen those wee hutches around and the wonderful things people do with them. I decided to try my hand at them too and bought up a bunch. Here's the first one complete, a teeny gardener's hutch filled with loads of fairy gardening goodies.

The whole thing measures just 8.5" tall. I used an upturned box as the base and then added a wee staircase I had leftover from one of the wee houses I made. The measuring tape is from an awesome sewing basket I bought at an auction two weeks ago that was filled with vintage goodies.

There's some pots filled with rose petals and lavender buds.

Inside there are bottles with dried mugwort, chamomile and rue, teeny tiny houses, a thimble, buttons, scrolls, books, a quill, the smallest spade you've ever seen :)

On top there's a nest carefully tucked away, and behind the cupboard there are snail shells and a lovely little shovel.