Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Great Big Beautiful Babes, Catridges, Trees and Father Christmas

I'm buying mostly handmade this year. I was shopping on etsy this afternoon and found the perfect hand printed tee for someone. Hmmm, which size to select? She's sort of small... what the hell? X-lrg is size 8? When did this happen?


If the average size woman in North America is size 12-14, who in their right mind decided that size 8 should be called extra large?

If  I ever become rich and famous I'm going to do three things...
1. Buy A LOT of candy and chocolate.
2. Open a chain of crafty/arty shops with Phizzychick and call it PhizzyKnickers
3. Start a clothing line that goes from size "Needs to eat more pie" all the way up to "Great Big Gorgeous Babe"


-----> Insert nice story here to calm ruffled feathers....

Last night I'm tucking D into bed and he says "Mum, what's a cartridge?" so I tell him. Then he says "But how do you use them with trees?" And I say I have no idea what he's talking about. So he proceeds to sing and ends up with "... a cartridge in a pear tree."

-----> Insert two freebie photo's for Father Christmas making, because I love you to bits.

The first Christmas figure I was aware of as a child was Father Christmas. He's a little different from the iconic American Santa Claus. Father Christmas appeared thinner, with a long, rather than bushy beard, usually wearing a full length robe of red or green. The fake ones you could see in shops were almost always terrible and sort of frightening because they were so phony. I'm sure the REAL Father Christmas would have given them a lump of coal for looking so frightful.

ANYWAY, here are two photos from my collection that you can use to make a Father Christmas from (or other crafty bits if you please). You know the rules. Don't sell 'em, don't post as your own, or I'll turn you into a plum pudding.

P.S. Since I'm on a ranty roll I just wanted to add that Paypal is a pain in the bum. No matter what currency I deal in... Canadian or American... I get royally buggered on the conversion. If sell in Canadian I get screwed when I buy in American. If I sell in American the get me when they convert the money deposited in my account. Bastards.