Thursday, February 23, 2012

A hunting we will go...

Tonight, D and I went on a faerie hunt. We weren't trying to capture the wee things, just out to spy clues that they may be around. We set off just before twilight and headed to the field behind our property.

The first thing we found was a lovely white feather in our path. D was sure it was a sign that the faerie folk were welcoming us.

There is a group of strange little trees that sits in that field. They are absolutely brilliant. Old and covered in moss with giant thorns. We decided this would be a good place to leave our offering.

The thorns on those old souls really are amazing.You can just see our house on the right of the photo between the branches.

Now, I don't have photographic proof of it but we did have a VERY strange experience back in that small grove of trees. When we were ready to move on we called to our pooch, Padfoot, to join us. He ran towards us and then seemed to get stuck, caught on something and then ran in circles. I moved forward to 'free' him but could see that he wasn't caught at all. I moved forward again and this time he seemed to focus on something in the trees and stood up! Every time we would call him, his attention was drawn away, and he would stand up on his hind legs again and again!

After that spot of excitement D found this little spot which he is quite certain is a faerie home.

We examined loads of little holes that might have led to exciting faerie places.

We found a thin little trail, only a few inches wide, but determined that this must be a deer path and probably didn't have anything to do with the wee folk.

The thing about twilight is that it turns to dark very quickly. Very soon it was time to head back inside for baths, tea and trying to get Dad to believe that the faeries had their way with poor Padfoot tonight.

Nighty night!