Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Dance!

*drum roll please*  I'm thrilled to bits to announce that I'm an official Alpha Stamps design team member!

Each month they'll send me some of their fabulous crafty goods and I get to make glorious messes with them. How lucky can a gal get? Yippie skippy! I can't believe I've managed to trick them into letting me play with the big kids :P

You can check them out on facebook, join in some swappy goodness with their Yahoo Group, or follow them on twitter.

** Phew! It feels good to let that out. I thought I might burst keeping it a secret :)

I've finished up a few more pages of the chunky book I'm working on. I am about halfway through and I'm starting to think about how the heck I'm going to put this thing together. Here's two more pages....

The place seems to filled with half finished projects at the moment. Here's the work table this morning crammed with a fresh batch of mossy teacup towns waiting for their finishing touches.

What you don't see on that table is the HUGE doll house my mum brought for me. The thing is a 2'x2' monster of pure potential... but we'll save that story for next week.