Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Can you make this?

I've shown you how to make the wee houses and toadstools... can you put it all together to make these?

If you think you're up to it, Alpha Stamps is hosting a reproduction challenge over on their Yahoo Group. I'll be there this Saturday at 4pm est to chat about all things Pixie and answer any questions you have.

I'm pretty sure they've slipped something in my tea because I'm offering up this prize pack for the best entry.

The arty farty goodness includes a handmade cottage, a twiggy fairy wand, a set of 4 greeting cards, a bottle of wishes, a thimble garden and a faerie specimen. All said and done, that haul is worth around 7,000 in pennies (or $70 if you want to be a muggle about it).

Hope you'll come and play or else I'll be talking to myself and, well, I've already heard all of my jokes.