Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Squirrel's End - A Goblin Pub

It's done! I am pleased to present The Squirrel's End, public house of choice of the finest goblins.

The main pubby area

There are loads of little boozy bead bottles under the bar.

Cheap beer! That's two old six pence for a big frothy pint.

There's a chicken roasting on the spit, a twig mop, and see that mount over the fireplace? A found duck skull.

This would be my table. I'm always spilling stuff. Did you notice the graffiti on the tables?

One of my most favourite things in the pub is that handmade dart boards.

The tiny dominoes ain't half bad either though. Can you spy the vintage Guinness coasters?

How about the gum under the tables?

Upstairs is the storage.

There's cheese, nuts, and booze galore!

When I saw this hand in a package of pointing fingers I purchased I knew it HAD to go into the pub. And so you see that little round number thingy? An old French lottery number!

Can you see that bar of soap? It's soap!

I'm pretty proud of this toilet hobbled out of bits of wood and a q-tip.

Just two more photos. They'll give you an idea of scale...


Happy May Day :)