Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days.

You know the ones I mean.

Before my feet even hit the floor I knew I was in trouble. The kiddo was sick. The sky was grey and dreary. The Christmas tree had fallen over in the middle of the night. Before noon I'd broken three different things. I thought about going back to bed to start over but I didn't crawl back under the covers ...  I just stopped. I kept to laundry, light cleaning and angry birds. That seemed to confuse whatever goblins were meddling and I avoided any further disasters.

From now on, when I'm having a bad day... I'm taking the day off.

But it wasn't an entirely wasted day. Late in the evening I decided to see if the bad mojo had passed and made D a Christmas gift!

My kid is rather obsessed with hunting squirrels. Thank the heavens those little buggers are fast and D can't hit moving targets with his bb gun.

While at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto, the kiddo spied some needle-felted mounts by FeltFactory.com. He was awed. Finally a craft that I can do AND he likes! And so, after a rotten day I managed a rather nice needle-felted squirrel head mount for my cheeky boy.

Here's hoping the rest of my Christmas crafting goes so well!