Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Germs and Flowers

I'm sick. Thankfully I'm past the "Oh my god my skin is on fire!" phase and have moved on to the "I'm coughing lava!" stage. These germs have whopped my ass and seem immune to my many attempts at thwarting them with drugs and miscellaneous concoctions. Even worse news, the Mr. is starting to feel a bit iffy too. If you think I'm dramatic... eesh! I am not looking forward to his interpretation of this particular strain of germs.

Besides being sick we've had day after day of drizzles here. All I really want is a couple of non-rain drenched days where I don't feel like I'm going to fall over so I can get some serious work done on the Faerie Tour. *sigh*

BUT, on a more positive note, I do have something pretty to show off. An altered board book using items from Alpha Stamps  The Language of Flowers Kit ....which was so awesome it's now sold out!

And now I'm heading back to bed to lull these germs into a false sense of security before I wallop them with a hot toddy and mind manipulation later this afternoon.