Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Great Migration - Faerie Village Opening Day

Today is the anniversary of The Gates, our local arts centre, headquarters to the Brighton Arts Council AND the summer vacation home of the Pixie Hill faeries. This is the second time the fairies have taken a vacation at the Gates. It's a labour of love, a gift to the town I love, and an excellent opportunity to spread arty farty goodness to the public.

It's opening day of the fairy village and I think it turned out pretty stinkin' cute. A big fat thanks to some of the local artists who contributed items to the tour - Ron Waddling, Roni Glenn, Anja and Natasha Hertle, Kathy Powell and Louise Sirtonski. AND more wet sloppy kisses to Wendy Larsson, Chris Bird, Liz Kay, Erin Schwab, Kevin Gilbert, Joanne MacDonell, Mr. Higgins, Diane Douglas, Julia La Rosa and Linda Wildenstein for contributing pennies :) You've all made such a difference and I love you for it.

I'll post some pics of the opening event later but for now here are some post set-up/pre-opening pictures....

HUGE thanks to Louise Sirtonski for assisting with the set up and delivering these amazing dragonflies by Kathy Powell!

THANK YOU Kevin and Erin for your generous contribution

THANK YOU Joanne MacDonell for your generous contribution!

THANK YOU Natasha Hertle for your beautiful contribution!

More of the lovely dragonflies contributed by Kathy Powell

BIG THANKS to Roni Glenn for contributing this amazing fairy house.

Here's hoping the rains hold off until AFTER the celebrations. Then again, faeries do like to play in puddles :)