Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why yes, I have lost my mind

I'm looking forward to this week being over. I'm bombarded with projects that need completion and last nights bed time was 3 am... the night before it was 5am. Yeah, I won't be a pretty sight by the time the weekend rolls around.

The fairy village installation at The Gates opens on Saturday and I am no where near done. The installation date was moved a week earlier than expected to coincide with the first anniversary celebrations at the site. It's a smart move as far as promotions and media interest are concerned... not so much with my schedule. So it's stealing an hour here and there to try and pull it all together. Fingers crossed.

These little hanging pixie houses are one of the projects I completed last night. I think they will be super cute hanging here and there from the trees.

I was totally inspired after seeing the above images on Pinterest. The original post is from Filth Wizardry, an art and craft blog for kids. How flipping cute are they? I totally swiped the idea and ran with it.

Super-cute AND recycling... how can you go wrong?

Wish me luck on completing the week with what is left of my sanity intact. I'm not holding my breath ;)