Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fire and Spoons and Homecomings

Seasoned potters will look at this gathering of bits and bobs and cringe... but I am rather proud of this lot. Unsightly as it may be ;)

I've been playing with clay and trying my hand at pit firing. Pit firing is a primitive method of firing clay/pottery. I've still got a long way to go but it's been fun and I'm really looking forward learning more and creating better pieces. I don't expect to be making any vases, cups or teacups (pottery is incredibly hard and a true skill!) but if I can manage a few rustic bits inspired by faerie folk I'll be pleased as punch.

Pixie Hill has some of the nicest neighbours. A couple of weeks ago one of them dropped off a handful of wooden spoons for me to play with. Here's the results...

Spoon wands of course! For those who are new to my blog... One day, quite a few years ago now, a lady wrote to me asking my witchy opinion of her child using a spoon as a wand. I told her children have the very best ideas and I thought it was brilliant. To stir magic with a lowly spoon, clockwise to bring good tidings, counter-clockwise for removing the unwanted... it makes perfect sense.

So I've been making spoon wands ever since. Wands for making wishes, banishing monsters and bringing lovely dreams. Each one made with a purpose in mind. Here's a better look at one which is  particularly good for gardeners, earth lovers and working magic barefoot in secret gardens.

Lastly... I'm excited to retrieve the Pixie Hill faerie houses from "The Gates" this evening. I've missed them, and the place just doesn't seem right without them here. We'll be celebrating their homecoming by extending the studio hours this weekend.

'Welcome Home' Extended Hours
Friday 1pm - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am to 4 pm

If you'd like faerie mail waiting for you, please email [email protected] by THURSDAY at NOON with details.