Saturday, August 31, 2013

Late Summer Garden

First, I just wanted to say 'thanks' for all of the lovely and supportive things that people have said over the past few days. Rest assured that I am fine and dandy :) You're all the bees knees and I love and adore each and every one of you. xoxo

NOW... on to the garden.

Today it is quite wet outside. The air is thick with it. The mozzies are having a grand time buzzing about, flying in my face and attempting to nip me before I squash them. I'm not a big fan of mosquitoes but I do like cool, damp, end-of-summer days. They make the world seem clean again.

There are very few flowers out at the moment but our vegetable garden has exploded. I'm not entirely sure how some of the plants are remaining upright there are so many goodies hanging from them. Just look at all of the peppers on this little plant!

Our tomatoes are doing nicely too. We grow several types, some of them heirloom varieties, some of them just because they are fun. Each of them is so delicious that I do wonder if the tomatoes they sell at the grocery store are really tomatoes at all.

Besides tomatoes and peppers we also have eggplants, squash, melons, cabbage, carrots, chard, beets, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, beans, onions... LOTS of things! Anything that can be canned, frozen or otherwise kept will see us through the winter.

This year we are seeing fruit on our young fruit trees for the first time!

Our pears and plums are looking mighty fine. I hope the deer and other critters steer clear of them and that there'll be enough for a bit of baking. 

And I'll leave with this one last photo from today's walk through the garden...

I said there were few flowers blooming at the mo' but our small patch of lavender is showing off some sweet blossoms. The buzzy things are having a tremendous love affair them ;)

Here's to gardens and bees and sweet scented things.