Monday, August 19, 2013

Spreading the Mess

A few weeks ago I noticed a slew of messages that went something like "I wish I knew how to do x properly." The thing is, generally speaking, the right way is whatever it takes to achieve the results you're looking for.

Toss out those notions of 'proper' and 'right'.

Now, it took me a very long time to embrace this in my own work, but once I learned to 'play' again my work improved by leaps and bounds. Learning to explore and experiment, taking chances and valuing the process of making (without fear of failure) truly frees the creative spirit.

I want to encourage this sense of creative freedom in others so I've cooked up a plan. It's  filled with messy fingers, celebrations of beauty and challenges to help anyone who wants move beyond the notion of 'doing things properly'.

I'm starting off simple with some Mess Making Journals. The first viddy show my process preparing the pages that will be used as the base of the book. Easy, messy, with very pretty results.

Take a gander, join in the fun, and let the mess spread :)