Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cheeky Snowballs and Holiday Schedule 2013

The first batch of snowballs of the season are completed! Woo hoo! Yay! Hip hip hooray!

While the regular sized snowballs dry on my mantle, these little mini fellows are already gussied up. I'm sure my house will look like a blizzard has struck by weeks end with all that snowy glittery goodness messing the place up :)

For those interested in my holiday selling schedule: 

The ONLY craft show I am doing this season is at Applefest Lodge in Brighton on November 9th. It's a teeny weeny show with only a handful of vendors but I'll be there with bells on and lots of nice things in tow.

I have an exhibit at Impresartio Artisan Market in Cobourg for the month of December. I ALWAYS have work available here and I love that shop with all my heart (and Rebecca is the bees knees.) Not sure when the 'opening' will be but I'll post when a date is firmed up.

The studio will be open a handful of days in December. Want to come and poke around for holiday gifts at the studio? Excellent. As soon as my schedule is sorted I will post a list of 'open door' days. These will likely be mid-December.

Finally, I WILL be reserving items specifically for the etsy shop. I will post on the blog and on the facebook page when the listings are live.

Smoochy boochies lovely people!