Thursday, November 28, 2013

Grommet Holes

So let's say you don't have a large hole punch and you're not eager to purchase one. How do you work with the metal grommet hole on the Graphic 45 tags?

I'm sure there are loads of ways of dealing with them, but here is my technique.

Using the tag as a template I cut out my paper. This happens to be Turtle Doves from the 12 Days of Christmas collection.

Lining up my cutout with the tag, I press around the grommet hole to slightly emboss the area.

Holding the paper in place I take some sandpaper and lightly sand around the raised area. (Note: I just grabbed what was on hand to demonstrate, this sandpaper is very coarse so it's a bit scratchy).

Using that area as a guide, I cut a hole in my paper.

Now I affix the paper to the tag. I like to use rubber cement or tacky glue. The moisture of these adhesives gives the paper a tiny bit of 'give' which allows the paper to stretch slightly, so I can press the paper firmly into place. I run my nail around the edge to give a nice tight fit around the raised metal grommet.

When the adhesive is dry I run a blade around the edge of the grommet. NOTE: If your paper is wet or damp from the glue it is more likely to tear rather than cut.

Now I carefully cut away the excess paper.

And there you have a perfectly cut grommet hole!

For the back of the tag where the grommet is flatter, I sometimes just sand away the excess paper. Because I'm using very coarse sandpaper for this demo it's really scratchy! If you use a finer grit and some care, the results won't be nearly as messy.

Because I usually ink or grunge up my edges I actually don't mind if the reverse isn't absolutely perfect. A bit of paint or stain will camouflage those edges, and with a ribbon in place no one will even notice ;)

Hope that helps. Happy mess making!