Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Papery Woodland Centrepiece

I created this papery centerpiece for my friends at Alpha Stamps. It's a great project that requires very little fiddling but is mighty impressive upon a festive table. AND I'm going to show you exactly how to make your own. Here's your material list:

Assorted Feathers

Step 1: Cover an upturned Layer Cake Paper Mache Box with some decorative scrapbooking paper. If using the large size box you'll need to use two strips to cover it. Using this vertically striped paper helps to hide the seam! 

Tip: I'm a bit of a stinker when it comes to measuring and trimming. To create perfect edges I cut slightly larger than necessary then gently sand my edges so that they appear to be cut perfectly.

Step 2: Add a strip of coordinating paper or ribbon around your base. I've used Scor-tape to adhere this, easy peasy.

Step 3: Taking several strips of Natural Raffia, wrap that around and tie in place with a nice little bow.

TIP: To keep your bow from slipping a tacky glue dot just behind the knot will keep everything in it's place.

Step 4: Apply a healthy layer of Sheet Moss to the top of the box. I use hot glue to keep it in place. Don't be stingy, and make sure the moss reaches all the way to the edge.

The base is now complete! Woo hoo!

Step 5: Now we're going to paint some Oak and Maple Leaf Die-Cut Chipboard cutouts. These ones are quite thick and sturdy and take layers of paint really well. I've used 3 different shades of green acrylic paint. I dampened the leaves, then sort of mottled the colours together using a rag and my fingers (because I don't mind getting messy). Be certain to apply paint to both sides and don't miss the edges!

Step 6: Once dried, begin layering and fanning the leaves. I've used hot glue to apply them.

 Keep playing and arranging until you end up with a sort of tree shape like this...

Step 7: Dig a small hole in your mossy landscape, fill it with a healthy dose of hot glue and hold your tree in place. It should remain upright when you release. If not, don't panic. Just apply some additional moss around the bottom of the tree with some hot glue and hold in place until dry (this should only take a minute or so).

TIP: When placing your tree, keep in mind where your bow is placed. You'll probably want a flat side of the tree to line up with the bow.

Step 8: Working in layers, add your embellishments! I've used all sorts of things such as: Miniature Pine Cones, Pumpkin Pods, Embossed Fall Leaves, and  Red Glittered Holly Berries.

TIP: If your tree is a little wobbly, your embellishments can help to add stability.

TIP #2: You can get rid of all those stringy hot glue bits by blowing a hot hair dryer over them.

And that is it! You're done! Hurrah for you! Well done :)

P.S. After you've enjoyed your fall centerpiece, if you're feeling a little more wintery, transform it into a Christmas tree! Add some glittery snow and and cute little charms and decorations... voila and ho! ho! ho!

xoxo enjoy