Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In Praise of Odd Birds

I wrote you a poem.

Yes you.

While working on my 'Odd Bird' projects for Alpha Stamps my mind did turn affectionately to the odd birds I have come to know and love. And I do love them... you... you with the ruffled feathers who believes in magic and embodies kindness.

So I wrote a few rhyming words and made a little book in praise of odd birds. (Don't squint... the full text is at the end.)

Cherish the odd birds 
With their hedgehog plumes
Who sing wild songs
In quiet little rooms

Delight in the sparrows
Overflowing with strange dreams
So filled to the brim
They are splitting at the seams

 Marvel at the darlings
Who smile with crooked teeth
Whose wings are not straight
But who have the brightest cheeks

Cherish the odd birds
The irregular and quirky
For they are beams of hopeful light
When all the world seems murky

Stay odd. For I love you as you are, and it suits you :)

And with gratitude to Alpha Stamps, here is the great big supply list for that little book:

P.S. The 'Curiosity' papers listed above are rather beautiful :)

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