Monday, March 24, 2014

221B update and a terrible something

No. 5 in the series of 221B Baker Street tins will be listed on etsy tomorrow. (UPDATE: the 5th tin has sold). It will likely be the last one listed for a fair while. At least one more time will be available for purchase, for the time being reserved for the Undershaw Preservation Trust, to (probably) be auctioned when they are ready to accept donations. I'm not sure when that might be... if I knew, I pinky swear that I would tell you.

Work has slowly started on another set of tins. This set will be even more limited than the last and I'm turning my attention to horror. Besides being a big fan of sweet daydreams and fantasy... I freely admit to enjoying a bit of bloody fun.

Anyway, I'm still working out the "this and that's" in my brain (which takes ages upon ages)  but I have started with this gruesome thing:

I think it'll be a fun piece when complete... if my brain and fingers can agree to get along. :)