Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Godefroy's Book Shop

When I was asked if I'd like to participate in Horizon's fundraiser this year by getting my fairy on, I gave an enthusiastic YES! Inspired by the Urban Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor, Horizon's is adding fairy stops on their 17th Annual Home and Garden Tour. Partnered with Furby House Books, I've created a little bookshop for book loving fairies (which really means all of them, because all fairies love books... even goblins.)

The piece measures 11" tall x 8.5" wide, the size of a regular sheet of paper. The base is a cardboard box shaped like a book, very recently gifted to me. How's that for timing?!

The shop window says "Godefroy's New, Used & Rare Books ~Specializing in fairy tales~"

Above, window boxes were created with White Picket Fence. The edging on the awning (made from Graphic 45, Good Ol' Sport, Victory) is Thin Fleur Dresden Border. The tiny flowers filling the boxes are Alpha Stamps Violet Cherry Blossom Garland.

If you peek inside the windows you'll see scads of tiny handmade books!

There are clothes peg steps leading up to a lemony yellow door. The little sign can be turned to read "Open", but right now the fairies are still doing inventory.

Peeking inside you can see loads of books piled upon the floor (Graphic 45's Mother Goose & Ring Around the Rosies.)

I made over 470 little books, about half of them made it inside the shop. They all open. My intention was to leave them loose so that the big book shop owners could move them around, but I realized that was probably a bit of a pain, so most of them are stuck in place.

I have left space for some faux tealights to be placed inside to flicker and glow through the windows.

The insides of the windows have not been framed in. To be honest I don't think the inside will be displayed quite so openly so I decided to leave out that detail and save a tiny bit of time. I don't mind that it's not absolutely perfect... imperfection can be quite charming after all :)

Dotted around the shop are pictures of some authors I love dearly.

JK Rowling, Roald Dahl, Margaret Atwood, Hans Christian Andersen...

Edward Gorey glares at you as you climb up the matchstick ladder. Poor Lewis Carroll is hiding to the left.

Also keeping a watchful eye are Maurice Sendak, Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Munsch. Beatrix Potter is tucked in there somewhere too.

And that completes the tour of Godefroy's Books!

I'm not entirely certain when it will be on display. The 'official' tour event takes place on Sunday, July 6th. Be sure to pop in to Furby House Books if you're in the Port Hope area to support a great cause and independent book sellers.