Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A new toy and the man in the moon

I was very excited to receive this box of goodies in my mailbox yesterday.

The folks at Chibitronics were kind enough to send me a starter pack, and the opportunity to play with their product. Woo hoo!

I had an idea tumbling around in my head and so I let the laundry wait, left the dishes in the sink, and set to work to making a mixed media man in the moon.

I created a circuit using the Chibitronics kit on my base, then poked various sized holes in the area of the lights in the covering sheet to shine through like little twinkly stars in the glittery night sky.

The verdict? Chibitronics is a lot of fun, and simple enough that kids would get a great kick out of using with minimal frustration. The sticker lights can be reused (yay!) and are pretty dang bright. Everything is powered by a small flat watch battery which takes up so little space I'm really looking forward to using them in some miniature projects and cards.

In other words... I will now place lights on ALL THE THINGS!