Friday, November 14, 2014

A Grateful House for Petaloo

I created this piece for the Petaloo/Authentique blog hop. There's an amazing prize pack being given away on the Petaloo blog! Just skip over there and leave a comment and you just might he the lucky winner.
It's been a bit of a bummer week. One of those weeks where it seems everyone is complaining, the trolls are out in full force, and everyone is just a tad grumpy. Of course it was crafting that cheered me up.

I've taken a wee wooden birdhouse, yanked off the peg/stoop, and embellished the heck out of it. It's cute. It's sweet. It's a reminder to be grateful. A reminder that sometimes locking yourself away and pulling out the glue and paper and flowers, focusing on beauty and getting your craft on is exactly the right thing to clear your head and cheer you up.

Authentique's 'Grateful' collection is pretty darned cute. As Canadain Thanksgiving has passed, I was glad that there were some generic words of thanks and sentiments on their sticker sheet.

And those sweet little Petaloo blooms coordinate so well and pull it all together... that sweet reminder to be grateful.

Petaloo Darjeeling Mix 1461-003
Darjeeling Hydrangeas 1460-001
Darjeeling Leaves Small 1464-001
Darjeeling Mini Mix 1462-003

Authentique 6x6 bundle: Grateful
Authentique Grateful Sticker Details
Authentique Kindred
Authentique Roots
Authentique Bountiful
Wooden bird house
Black Acrylic Paint