Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A few collages

I've been a total slacker this week. I don't know if it's the weather, or maybe recovery from the holidays, or I'm just burnt out, but I haven't felt like doing much other than veg on the couch and watch foreign horror films.

I dragged my bum up to my crafty cocoon last night and created a few little collages...
"Standing outside, her wings waved gaily in the breeze" collage by Nichola Battilana
First this little girl in the wind. The image of the gal is from The Graphics Fairy, a great resource for free images. That greenish paper in the background has a beautiful iridescent quality... I wish I had bought more of it because I don't think it's available any longer. The little striped bit by her feet is a lovely thin Red & Cream Stripes Paper Tape*

Below is my favourite of the bunch.
Collage by Nichola Battilana
I like how serene and surreal it is. I like the colour pallet too, it's like a dream. Warning: I'm about to sound pretenious... I like the spacial quality, the economy of embellishment most of all
"The moon dreamed she was sailing somewhere else." Collage by Nichola Battilana

And then the moon. Sometimes I sit and chop out words and phrases from discarded books then peice them back together into phrases... sort of like little poems. It's a lovely exercise.