Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mixed Media Houses

I bought a sheet of masonite for a project and while drawing up the cut lines for my husband (seriously, it's best if I stay away from sharp power tools) I decided to mark out some house shapes. The original project was immediately pushed aside while I rummaged through my stash to create these...

At around 12" tall they are quite large compared to most of my work. They have a nice chunkiness to them. They make me happy to look at them :) Here's a better look at each with some notes on the supplies used.

"Sing like a thrush as loud as you can, one more song for her" Nichola Battilana

The lovely dotty paper at the top is from G45's Times Nouveau - Deluxe Collector's Edition. The striped portion is Botanical Tea > Field of Flowers. There's a crushed bottle cap, little white buttons, cloak clasp, resin frame and Thin Fleur Dresden. The image is from this Tintypes Collage Sheet. Finally, the red square behind the quote is cut from an old hardcover book.

"Drink your tea, daintily like a lady!" Mixed Media House - Nichola Battilana

The background of this piece is a beautiful iridescent paper that I can't seem to find the name of. (I'm a stinker!) The bottom scalloped edge is a section of an old necklace. The butterfly in the top arch is one of those old Red Rose tea figurines. The round bobble at the top is an antique french lottery number. The arches are these bezels from Spellbinders. The image here is from Karen's Whimsy an amazing resource for collage images. The little tea charms can be found HERE and HERE

"across the world and backward in time" Mixed Media House - Nichola Battilana
Finally my little time traveller. He is from my personal collection of old photographs. The background is  Star-Crossed Constellation Scrapbook Paper* with some added glitter :) The goggles, wings and propeller on this piece are Junkyard Findings - Steampunk Air. The gears are actually cut from a texture sheet from Gina's Designs but they don't seem to be available any longer. At the tippy top you'll also see a 25mm Round Antique Bronze Setting*. I've coloured all of my metal bits just a little to match the paint on the chipboard gears.

And that's it! I had a lot of fun making these and now that they're out of my system I can get down the project that got pushed out of the way... unless something exciting distracts me... which is likely...