Thursday, March 05, 2015

Spring cleaning

I started organizing one little plastic container and lost my mind.

Perhaps it's a longing for open windows and sunshine and frolicking and singing on our grassy hill a la Julie Andrews, but there was a sudden and immediate urge for spring cleaning.

Before too long I regretted it. The sheer volume of things in my stash! Not helping matters in the least was that I ventured into the closet of doom. I had exactly 3 gazillion things in there.

And then I reached this point...

This was where I sat and wanted to turn back time and wished I had not started organizing that one little plastic container.

I went and had a cup of tea and slice of cake. Tea and cake always helps.

If you ever feel badly about the state of your creative space, think upon the picture above and remember that I somehow survived.

Anyway after 2 days the joint is clean and organized.

And I won't be able to find a flipping thing for a week and a half :)

P.S. I'm using this as my "happy place" project because a) it is my happy place and b) 2 days worth of anything has to count for something.