Monday, July 06, 2015

(Almost) Perfection!

Our open house was this past Saturday and it was the most amazing day.

A surprise visit from a friend and around 100 of the sweetest visitors from all over. Each of them was a delight. I know that people often say that they have the best 'followers' but I truly do. They are kind and funny and full of just the right amount of mischief and they make me feel pretty dang special.

The day didn't go off without a hitch. The mailbox had to be replaced at the last minute and was a general pain in the bottom. We had planned for a crafting table that never seemed to make it outside. But there were successes. Who knew challenging people to pile stones atop one another would be such a rip-roaring success? (The record was 10 stacked stones by the way.) And these little certificates went over really well too.

In the past it has been the kids reactions to this place that really made all the hard work worthwhile. This year was a little different. This year it was the glimmer in the grown-ups that moved me most of all. So, an extra large THANK YOU is in order to every single 'big person' who blew more bubbles than you needed to and made a wish when you thought no one was looking.

I'll get a nice post with pretty pictures up later in the week... but I did want to thank all of the visitors and all of those who sent their well-wishes from a distance. I love you. Seriously. I think you're awesome. Each and every one of you.

Finally, this viddy (language warning) isn't of the tour but rather a compilation of me messing up and swearing. I put it together after sharing tutorial disaster stories with my G45 teamies a few months ago. Not having everything go according to plan this weekend reminded me of this vid. 

I mess up all the time, and things rarely go according to plan. I'm totally ok with not being perfect. In fact, I think imperfection might be underrated. 

P.S. I know I missed the 'little thing challenge' this Sunday. I'll be switching things up a little bit starting next week.