Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Merry Little Christmas

The Yuletide baking has begun. So far I've made peanut brittle (twice because the first time it was meh), a double batch of thumbprint cookies (because Mr. Pixie always asks for more), sponge toffee (aka cinder toffee), and M&M cookies (because the kid asked nicely). 

I started filling up our treat table and noticed a little addition.

Can you see it? Look a little closer to that top tier of the cookie plate.

A tiny tin with Father Christmas and 'Christmas Cookies' on the label!

Seems our fairies are getting in the Yuletide spirit too! What a nice contribution to our sweet buffet. If they aren't entirely gobbled, I am certain that Santa's elves will nibble them on Christmas eve.

I hope that your holidays are chugging along swimmingly :)