Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Christmas Open House

I've been busy, puttering, preparing for my Christmas Open House this weekend.

It's pretty dang clean in here, the 'showroom'. I can't say the same for the rest of the place which is an utter disaster. My husband looked at the floor last night and sighed. "There's more glitter on the floor than in your bottle!" Well, those jam jar fairies need some sparkle. Besides, I'm the one who vacuums... I'm allowed to muck up the place.

I'm *mostly* ready. The nice thing about showing your stuff off at home is that if you forget something it's easily remedied and you can put a pot of tea on.

If you can't make it I've got a little special in the etsy shop right now. The Special Pixie Package includes over $40 worth of goodies for $28. At the very least you'll get some Pixie Dust, Wishing Star, Thimble Garden, Fairy Sized Christmas Card and Fairy Footprints... and I'll pop in an extra or two because I loves ya.

If you are nearby please feel free to drop in, say 'hello' and be nosy.