Thursday, January 14, 2016

Old timey seed storage

I can not be the only person who finds crafting for men extremely difficult. There's only so many pairs of jamma pants you can make a man! 

So I set my mind to it: What does Mr. Pixie like?
• hot peppers
• making sausage
• food that takes a gazillion years to prepare and is a pain in the bottom
• bacon
• his garden

My mind turned to alllll the seed packages that were tucked and stuffed everywhere. I began to dream of tidy seed storage.

I searched for something that would fit standard seed packets and as luck would have it, the spaces in this 15 Drawer Storage Cabinet are the perfect size!

Just flip it on it's back, and don't add the drawers! I am all for crafts that require less work. I had little divider tabs made so that the Mr. could label things if he liked (which clearly he has not done).

I slapped on a coat of green paint and roughed it up for an old timey feel. Finally, for the front, I digitally altered an antique seed label graphic to include 'Battilana & Son'. I was sorely tempted to add little feet, ornate corners and gussy this sucker up, but I held myself in check to keep it as functional as possible.

I know, I know... gardening isn't just for men and this could easily be given to any seed nut. But my struggle was real *overly dramatic swooning* and I think that others must face the same crafty dilemma when crafting for the men they love.