Friday, February 26, 2016

Product Review: FixnZip

I freely admit this is a bit random.

A while ago I was contacted about doing a product review for something called FixnZip. I'm a total floozy for free stuff so I said "Yes please!" with the only caveat being that the review would have to wait until I found a zipper in need of repair. Cleaning my room yesterday I came across an old hoodie without a zipper... perfect!

The product comes in three different sizes and is available in light or dark nickle. I was sent both the small and medium sized pieces. For my hoodie, medium was the right fit.

This is the little doodad and it's easy to use. Simply unscrew to open those little jaws, place on the zipper teeth, and tighten it back up. It may take a little bit of fiddling to get everything going smoothly, but I had this in place and zipped in under two minutes.

Now, I'm delighted that my old comfy hoodie is wearable once more but in all honesty the FixnZip is weighty and probably better suited to heftier uses. Jackets, bags, purses, tents would be ideal. Using it on an airy organza dress might be overboard.

One small note worth a mention... the medium size came with a cord pull for which there were no directions to put it together. It might seem obvious (insert cord and snap shut) but it would have been nice to know the 'correct' way to assemble to ensure that it is secure.

ANYWAY it's a pretty nifty gadget. It would probably make a great gift for an outdoorsy sort to keep on hand in case of emergency. It would definitely come in handy if you wanted to salvage something expensive or sentimental. Hop over and check out their website at for more information and where it is available.