Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Two wee mixed media things

It's Tuesday and I should be posting about a certain little tent project... but I've decided to put the "how to be inspired" posts indefinitely on hold. For those who wanted to play along, I'm sorry. The truth is my enthusiasm has had a number of dampers placed on it and my heart just isn't in it. 

Instead, I have a couple of mixed media pieces to show off.

The suddenly she remembered how pretty she was. - Mixed media - Nichola Battilana

She was a friend. - Mixed media - Nichola Battilana

Supply round up:
Reliquary - Tower Top
Reliquary - Arch Top
Decorative Windows 1 to 24
Faux Typewriter Keys Symbol Set
Blushing Ladies Collage Sheet
Asparagus Fern Garland*
Mini Rose Buds - Ivory*
Mini Rose Buds - Pink Cream Variegated*
3mm Brass Flat-Back Studs*
Narrow Gold Fleur Dresden Borders*
Golden Copper paint
Paper butterflies

Sentiments cut from old books