Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tea cups towns and the very dry summer

One of my favourite 'to-do' items is creating a big fat bunch of these mossy little teacup gardens.

I've been making them for a good number of years now, watching them slowly, steadily improve over time.

I'm itching to make a big fat fresh batch with these little pit fired clay houses.

Unfortunately, the crispy, dry, summer has put a hold on my plans. There's a burn ban in effect, so no fires for this gal. 

But I won't be held down for long! There's always Paperclay to the rescue... and those wobbly mossy cottages do tug at my heart <3 p="">

Anyway, I hope you're keeping hydrated, and that your lawn is lush and not nearly as crispy as mine.

If you'd like to make your own teacup town (that does not require a burn pit!) a step-by-step tutorial is available HERE.