Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wee Chippy Lanterns has some new chipboard Industrial Lanterns. They're really kinda cute, like small railroad lanterns, but of course I've filled mine with dragons and fairies ;)

Each side of the lanterns has an 'X' across it, but it's easily chopped off if you want to show off a miniature dragon or fairy silhouette. 

I've added some dresden trims to mine to fancy them up, along with some floral elements like Mini Fern Garland and Black Mini Paper Blooms. Paint and embellish those suckers to suit your tastes.

The 'glass' in these is the Clear Window Inserts with some tissue glued to the back and chopped to size. You can cover all four sides of a lantern with one sheet cut into quarters. I've also added a thin coat of white paint to the exterior here. It helps to hide the cutout when the lights are off, but you can still make them out when lit.

If those dragons are causing trouble (as dragons are wont to do) you can just bend those wings and tails to fit. Actually, those bent wings add a bit of dimension to the shadows.

And if you're itching to hang those lanterns, there are convienient holes in the removable lids. My reccomendation? Pop in a light, line up those holes and use a little bamboo skewar to hold them in place while you hang them via a Fluted Ring Pull glued to the top. 

OR you might just thread twine or ribbon through the holes to hold those pieces together with enough extra length that can be used for hanging too.

Whatever your fancy, here are the supplies I used to create these pieces to get you started: Everything in one place