Friday, June 02, 2017

A Shrine for Saint Expeditus

I found this little saint figure of Saint Expeditus (a.k.a. St. Expedite, San Expedito) meant for a car dashboard, but I wanted to make a little shrine for him instead.

Saint Expeditus one of my favourite saints. I ask for his help all the time. He is especially helpful in money matters, bringing quick resolutions, and getting the job done. Just send out a heartfelt plea for his assistance and when he comes through be sure to repay him for his efforts.

My wee shrine to him uses the Gypsy Soul Arch Top Cabinet with Doors. It's the perfect size to house those little dash board/magnetic saint figures.

For a textural effect I added Art Deco Border & Corners to the headpiece and doors of the shrine.

I love my little shrine and I hope Saint Expeditus does too! 

For a comprehensive walk through for putting this piece together see HERE 

Here is everything you'll need:
Arch Top Cabinet with Doors
Art Deco Border & Corners

Gold Mini Rosette Dresden Borders*
Embellishments like Fancy Bronze Metal Drawer Pulls
Plaster (not necessary, but I like the 'old' texture it gives.
Acrylic paint
Faux foilage like: Fern Garland* and Tiny Paper Roses*
Tiny statuette!

Additional information about St. Expedite can be found at