Monday, July 10, 2017

Fairy Apothecary

Just a little project for fun. Something to spark a little magic... fairy magic of course.
A fairy apothecary to cure all that ails you.

Just a little wooden printers tray, painted white, covered with vintage papers, and distressed.

Then vials and bottles and more vials are labelled, filled and slipped into place. 

There's all sorts of fairy magic tucked into that tray.

Old buttons and snail shells are especially potent.

Old buttons hold some of the oldest and most sacred magic! 
One small button contains exactly the same amount to magic as a firefly.
Hard to believe, but it's true. 

Everyone knows that fairy tea can cure everything from exhaustion, to vexation and befuddlement.

Sweet dreams and fairy dust, dragon soot and gnome whiskers, those little shelves are well stocked.

Small print tray
Vintage paper
Vintage stamps
Old buttons
Snail shells