Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Daystars

This months AlphaStamps kit is "Cards & Constellations" Rather than a 'wish-upon-a-star' goodie goodie piece, I was smitten with these devilish fellows.

They reminded me that the translation of Lucifer is 'Daystar', and seemed to fit this months theme.

'Daystar' is also another name for the planet Venus. It is called the daystar/morning star/evening star because it is often the first bright star in the sky during twilight, and the last at dawn.

I'd like to imagine that these plucky little night devils would conspire, and try to plot a way to continue to shine after the sun rose. That they would want to be 'Daystars'.

As darkness always is... they would fail, overcome by light, and defeated by the brilliance of the sun.

But I'm sure these tenacious fellows would try again and again despite the odds stacked against their success.

Notes on making:
I kept this project super simple. I just covered the cards in scrapbook paper and used a stamp and gold embossing powered to add a smidge of interest. Then, fussy cut elements and add the top frame (which I painted prior to gluing into place).

El Diablo Cards Collage Sheet
Double Dot Vintage Dark Denim Blue Scrapbook Paper
Large Blue Mosaic Scrapbook Paper
(used on reverse)
Stars Playing Card
Gold embossing powder
Patterned stamp
Acrylic paints