Monday, December 17, 2018

Goblins of the Wifi variety

I've been having massive problems with my Wifi over the past couple of months. It's been particularly bad over the last few weeks. These guys started out as elf heads (tis the season and all that) but I then they decided they to manifest as strange little goblin-sorts instead.

Thinking of them as the little jerks who have been messing with my Wifi makes me feel zero remorse for mounting their heads.

Each wifi dinkus is made with paperclay and has wool hair, whiskers and eyebrows.

This guy has fur bristles poking out of his ears and nose... of course!

They are each mounted on a wooden plaque measuring approximately 3" x 5".

They are each smelly and terrible nuisances and I will be glad when they find new homes.

If you're feel like you need more chaos in your life they are listed HERE.

P.S. No word of a lie, just as I was finishing up this post my internet provider called to ask if I've been experiencing issues. They said they've noticed weirdness and aren't sure what the problem is. IT'S WIFI GOBLINS YOU FOOLS!!!!